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Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace is now open for business in North Dakota. However, many North Dakotans are left feeling confused on how it is going to affect them. Here are a few facts to help put some of those questions to rest.

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a central hub for choosing health coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget. Filling out one streamlined application provides you with all the health coverage options you are eligible for. The Marketplace for North Dakota can be found at

What if I already have insurance through my job?

Nothing needs to be done! The Marketplace is for those who are uninsured or are currently paying out of pocket for health coverage. If you are happy with the health insurance you have through your job, you don’t have anything to worry about!

What if I have health insurance but I’m paying out of pocket and having trouble affording it?

The Marketplace would be a good option to check out! The Marketplace is a website where you can fill out an application with basic information about your household and family size. Then, the Marketplace does the rest. You will receive a message telling you which insurance plans you are eligible for with all costs and premiums laid out for you. Then, you get to choose which plan works best for you.

What if I like my insurance but just want to see what else is out there?

Creating an account in the Marketplace does not mean you have to enroll in a plan. If you want to complete an application just to see what you are eligible for, there is no obligation to enroll. If you see a plan you like, you may choose to enroll. Otherwise, if you don’t find what you’re looking for and want to stick with the plan you’ve got, that works too!

What if I don’t have insurance?

The Marketplace is the place to go! Completing an online application allows you to see what health plans you are eligible for and how much a health plan will cost you. Also, many people will be eligible for tax credits to help lower monthly costs. The Marketplace will also inform you if you are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. Everything you are eligible for will be available to you after submitting the application. Visit to apply.

What if I have Medicare?

Individuals on Medicare are not required to apply for coverage through the Marketplace. Having Medicare means you are covered under the Affordable Care Act and will not receive a fee on your taxes. The Marketplace does NOT offer any supplemental plans for Medicare.

What about Medicaid?

If you are currently on Medicaid you can remain on it and you are covered under the ACA. Medicaid in North Dakota is expanding. This means that more individuals that were not previously eligible for Medicaid could be now. You can complete a Medicaid application at any time or fill out a Marketplace application during open enrollment. If you are eligible for Medicaid, the Marketplace will let you know and direct you to the correct Medicaid representative.

How can I apply for coverage?

Can I still apply if it is not during the Open Enrollment Period?

How do I make an appointment with someone who can help?

What do I need to bring to be prepared for my appointment?